How to Make a Little Booty Ham Sandwich

A classic lunch option, the ham sandwich can be customized and customized further by adding other items for a tasty combination. Popular additions include banana peppers, red onions, lettuce and mayonnaise as popular toppings; brush the tops of your sandwiches with butter mixed with Worcestershire sauce and poppy or sesame seeds for an additional burst of flavor; use sweet or spicy mustard as desired or use sourdough bread as your preferred bread type to craft your desired version of this delectable sandwich!

The Cuban sandwich is an intricate balance of flavors and textures brought together by perfect bread, deli-sliced ham, and Swiss cheese. From its zesty pickles and mustard to salty pork meat and buttery toasty bread and cheese; its combination will leave your tastebuds craving more.

Making the ideal Cuban sandwich requires homemade or store-bought smoked pork or chicken. For optimal results, find meat with plenty of fat that can absorb salt and pepper rub. Wrap it tightly in aluminum foil before placing it into your smoker at 250-275F until internal temperature reaches 165F; once cool pull apart and use in sandwiches.

An ideal complement to the Cuban sandwich is a grilled pickle, like sweet cherry tomato or pickled green bean, for added freshness. Additionally, lime or lemon slices add zest. And as an optional extra, sprinkle some black or white sesame seeds for some added crunch!

Choose an applewood-smoked Black Forest ham for its richer texture and subtle sweetness, which pairs nicely with mojo pork and tart pickles. Look for it in specialty deli stores’ deli sections.

No matter whether you make or purchase your ham sandwich yourself or from a restaurant, taking time and care in its preparation can yield delicious results. A perfectly prepared sandwich features melty cheese with just the right combination of pickles and mustard for an unforgettable bite-size experience. Pairing this tasty meal with fries or salad will complete it perfectly.

A ham sandwich makes an excellent breakfast choice as it is both light and filling. Add any variety of toppings such as caramelized onions, lettuce or roasted red peppers; combine different cheese types such as American, provolone or swiss; add bacon or sausage for additional protein; or switch it up even further by layering on some turkey or roast beef!

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