Predict XSMB With 7 Accurate Prediction Methods

Predicting XSMB is a way for you to choose the most satisfactory number and participate in the prize. However, it is not easy to find a potential lottery pair among many numbers. Therefore, New88 I will share with you the 7 most effective prediction methods in this article on the page New88 trang chủ

Learn about XSMB prediction

Northern lottery is an extremely popular type and has been around for a long time, so it is favored by many people. To participate, you will buy yourself a lottery ticket and participate in the prize. However, if you want to win, you need to accurately choose the best number. However, not everyone can easily close a potential lottery pair.

Therefore, veteran players will use the most effective XSMB prediction methods. Although these methods are not 100% effective, they can be up to 90%. Compared to playing based on emotion, catching bridges brings the closest results.

7 methods to predict XSMB like a master

If you want to win money from playing lotteries, you need to have the secret to winning. Below are some great methods from professional experts, rookies should refer to them now!

Play according to the falling lot 

Experts at New88 Share with you guys about the extremely effective method of catching bridges according to falling lots. Because the lottery numbers usually come back 2-3 days in a row, it is used by many bettors. At this time, you need to observe the lottery results table of the previous days. If you see a pair of lottery numbers coming back in 2 days, you should catch them immediately and finalize them for the next day.

Prediction based on lottery memory

This is also a highly effective method of XSMB prediction. Accordingly, bettors can find numbers based on numbers based on days, days, or look at pairs of numbers that often come together. Below are a few suggestions from experts that you can apply immediately. That is:

  • If you see lot 11 come in today, tomorrow close pair 44.

  • Lot 22 appears, so bet on lucky number 52.

  • Lot 03, 20 came back, the next day it was 81.

The method of fortune-telling is based on mute head and mute tail

The dumb numbers will not appear on the lottery results board so you can apply immediately. Then catch it to create a multi-day breeding set to increase your winning rate. For example, on the Northern Lottery results board, it was seen that the first 5th dumb lot did not explode. At this time, set up a 5-top set and raise it for 3 consecutive days to fight for the coming days.

Play according to the lottery

The XSMB prediction bridge method is also commonly applied. Players need to understand that lottery numbers are very stubborn, stubborn and do not return for many days. There are animals that do not appear on the results table for a whole month. 

However, you should only lock the animals that do not come home for 3 consecutive days and raise them for 3-5 days afterward. If you don’t come back, then skip it and find another pair.

Closing the bridge tomorrow according to pairs of lots or going together

This way of playing is quite simple, just look at the lottery results board and see that the numbers often go together and then catch them. Because usually, according to experience from professional players, they will explode together. Therefore, bettors should not ignore it but try to find the best number.

Predict XSMB according to Pascal’s formula

This way of playing is also quite good, the winning rate is up to 80%. Accordingly, players will use the special prize and the first prize combined. Then add up from left to right and finally find for yourself the most satisfactory pair of lottery numbers.

For example: The results of the special prize and the first prize are 45021 and 45890 respectively. At this point, the sequence 4502145890 can be combined, adding up to a pair of 33 pins for the next day.
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Catch the bridge according to the total topic

When predicting XSMB, you can also bet according to the total number to increase your chances of winning. Playing according to the total number means just adding the jackpot numbers together and immediately finding the most potential pair.

For example: The special prize result is 30568. Then, add it up and get the final pair of numbers 22 for tomorrow.

Experience predicting XSMB bettors need to know

With the above effective methods, apply immediately to win big. Besides, you also need to have some experience below.

  • Continuously statistics the results for many days to find the pattern of the numbers that have been generated.

  • You need to plan your play and money in and out properly to avoid the risk of too heavy losses.

  • Use many different bridge-catching methods to easily and quickly pin down the most suitable number.

  • Always be confident in your knowledge, don’t be distracted by outside influences.

  • Feel comfortable, calm and absolutely not impatient when closing the lottery.



The above article is okay New88 brings and helps you get 7 methods of fortune-telling XSMB prediction exactly. Save it and apply it now to increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

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