What is Ball Handicap? Revealing the Ultimate Number 1 Strategy

New88 When it comes to soccer betting, ball handicap is the form of betting that attracts the most attention from many bettors. This type of bet seems to be born for field sports when it brings players sublime moments of entertainment. Below are the answers Bookmaker New 88 about basic information related to ball betting.

What is a ball handicap?

Handicap on the ball (Handicap) is used in large and small football betting matches. This form of sports betting only appears in competitions where the two teams have a difference in ability, class, etc.

Type ball handicap was created to form a competitive balance between the two teams. Accordingly, the stronger side will accept the weaker side with a certain ratio. For handicap bets, bettors have more options for placing bets, but need to analyze many factors to make an accurate prediction.

General, ball handicap At first it sounds quite simple, but when you start implementing it, it becomes complicated. Members choosing this odds need to evaluate many aspects and have good judgment. In particular, this odds is created by the house and each playground offers members a unique level of payout.

Rules for participating in ball handicap betting

Odds in ball handicap given by the bookmaker, based on the predictions of the experts here. On the betting side, before participating in betting with this form, you need to understand the basic meaning of the bet. In particular, bettors should evaluate factors related to the two teams to have an objective view.

The way to calculate money in Handicap bets is uniformly regulated at all bookmakers, specifically:

  • One of the two teams wins: The bettor who places money on the correct side of the winning team will win the bonus. The resulting number is calculated by the formula: Bet amount x rate given by the house.
  • In case of a tie: Members will receive a refund of their initial investment.

For example, in the match between Arsenal and Liverpool, the odds are -½ handicap and Arsenal is on the upper hand. At that time, this team needs to beat Liverpool by at least 1 goal for the upper bet to win. 

The simplest ball handicap betting tips

In Bookmaker New88 Ball handicap betting takes place between two teams with different strengths. It seems very simple, but this form of red and black gives many bettors headaches. Some tips from the veteran of New88 The following may help you troubleshoot.

Bet after the ball has rolled

In ball handicap, some small form that allows players to place bets after the match takes place. Accordingly, you should take full advantage of this benefit to have a sure bet. 

When the confrontation lasts about 15 minutes, it is the most appropriate time to bet money. Because, in the past time, players have observed and grasped the situation in the most objective way.

You should bet on the second half

Tactic ball handicap This is extremely suitable for those who want to “eat well and wear durable”. You can spend time observing, evaluating, etc. in the first half to know clearly the capabilities, performance, etc. of the teams before making a decision in the second half. This is the secret evaluated by experts. is easy to implement and highly effective.

Research carefully about the team

Handicap on the ball requires participants to have solid knowledge as well as grasp a lot of objective information. To know whether you should go with the top or bottom door, you need to research and learn about the competing parties early on. 

Bettors should explore the recent achievements and performance of the teams. In particular, bettors should pay attention to information about absent strikers as well as field conditions, weather, etc. Only then can you evaluate fairly and accurately.
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Follow the trend of ball handicap betting

Betting bias means the attitude of fellow players about the odds in each match. You can refer to this factor every time you intend to bet on prizes because it tells us which door has the advantage. 

However, players should not be too dependent on other people’s opinions, which are all relative. Members should combine many forms of betting together to get worthy results.

Information about ball handicap are all things New88 We want to send this to our readers in today’s article. Although this odds requires many factors, it gives bettors a resounding victory. Hopefully you will invest time and effort to find the most accurate betting door.

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