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How to Flick Your Eyeliner Downward

Winged eyeliner can be the epitome of feminine makeup. But, as with any look that requires precision, it can be challenging to perfect. If you need some guidance, watch this tutorial by YouTuber Adriana Braje or Lavonne Anthony’s tip on how to perfect the cat-eye flick.

Almond-shaped eyes are perfect for playing with eyeliner, as they’re symmetrical and easy to play with. To add some visual interest, start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner to the outer third of your eye. Once there, build up the liner thickness by drawing in at the outer third with a sparse flick at the lash line, according to beauty expert Kate Leary.

Puppy-eyes are a youthful trend from Korea that can add subtle glamour to your face. While they may not be as effortless to create as cat eyes, with some practice you’ll soon have this look down pat!

Hack #1: For a more precise, flawless flick, use tape to line the outside of your eyelid before applying eyeliner. Tape is beneficial as it makes it less likely that your liner will tug on sensitive skin in this area – which can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Take the back of your hand and tap a piece of tape onto the skin, then remove it several times to reduce its stickiness before applying your liner. This will create an even border around your iris and help ensure that all other lines remain as smooth and even throughout your look.

You can also use a piece of paper to create an eyelid border, but make sure it’s not too sticky before proceeding. Removing this material may sting and hurt your sensitive eye area, so it’s best to avoid this method altogether.

Tips for Down-turned Eyes

When applying your liner, aim for a “45 degree” flick at the end of your lash line. This will lift your eyes and make them appear larger. Draw a line from inner corner to outer corner in an upward slanting motion, then smudge it slightly to blend with surrounding creases.

To create a more rounded appearance, apply concealer between the two wings to soften their sharpness. Then, highlighter in the inside corners to brighten up your complexion and finish by applying mascara for extra shine.

Hack #2: For a more dramatic effect, angle the tape towards your eyebrow instead of just above it. This will create a thicker line that resembles the classic flick.

Tape can make it challenging to draw a straight line, so keep your edge of tape straight when drawing your wing. Doing this will give your line more definition, especially if your wing is thicker or wider in profile.

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