Car Accident Settlement: How Much to Ask? 

A car accident may cause your several physical injuries, pain, and expenses. After the car accident, getting fair compensation for all losses that occurred is important to meet all expenses and losses. If you’ve met a car accident and are thinking about how much you should ask for in a car accident settlement, Delventhal Law Office, LLC can help! This article highlights major factors impacting the overall settlement. Here we go!  

Factors To Consider While Asking For A Car Accident Settlement 

1. Pain and suffering 

During a car accident, getting injured is common which causes pain and discomfort. However, every car accident is different. In case you have got major injuries, it influences the settlement cost. In case of minor injuries, the settlement amount is generally low. 

2. Property damage 

Has your property experienced severe damage during the car accident? Right from your car to your laptop, mobile phones, and other electronic items. Damage to these during the car accident is covered under the car accident settlement. You can get in touch with the insurance company for a fair claim. 

3. Emotional distress 

Another major factor to consider is emotional distress. Although it may not be seen; however, car accidents largely impact you emotionally, causing an ever-lasting trauma. If you experience this, it will add up to your accident settlement. 

4. Lost wages 

When you suffer injuries during a car accident, it may result in loss of work and job. You can file a claim for the loss of work, which caused you and your family to experience financial turmoil. Due to an accident, you may also lose the potential to earn money and be granted additional benefits. 

5. Medical expenses 

An accident can cause several injuries, resulting in costly medical bills and expenses, especially if you’ve suffered major injuries that require regular medical assistance. In such cases, medical expenses largely impact the car accident settlement. 

How Much To Ask? 

Calculate all damages in the accident. These include lost wages, medical expenses, property losses, and others. Based on all the damage, ask for a car accident settlement. Hiring a professional car accident lawyer who can guide you through the process is best. 

Wrapping Up 

Asking for a fair car accident settlement is your right; thus, you can hire an experienced lawyer who can help you achieve fair compensation from the insurance company. 

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