Where to Get a Puppy and How to Bring It Home

The best thing about being a pet parent is getting a puppy, as thousands of dog fans will tell you. Lots of fun memories and experiences will be made with their endless energy, positive attitude, and cute faces, but it won’t always be easy.

Many problems and difficulties can come when you own a dog. Finding out all the special things you need to do to raise a puppy into a happy, healthy dog is important before you bring one home.

Think About Your Way Of Life

Before you check havanese puppies for sale, you should do your best to make sure that their attitude and level of activity will fit in well with your family’s general way of life. 

Would you rather spend a day at home taking it easy and going at a slower pace? Or are you more daring and want a dog to help you get some exercise in the great outdoors? How easy or hard it is for you and your family to raise a puppy will depend a lot on the breed you choose. 

Introduce Family Members

Being able to include your new puppy in family activities is fun, but it can also be hard at times. Always keep in mind that meeting new people can be very scary for your puppy! Plan to make sure introductions go smoothly and are fun.

Starting in a neutral place, like the garden or a nearby park, is one piece of advice. Your puppy will feel better after doing this. From there, slowly introduce them to quiet people so they don’t get upset.

You can do this more than once to ensure people trust you. As your puppy gets used to the outside world, they will notice that different people, from kids to older adults, smell and look differently.

Bring In Four-Legged Friends

If you already have a dog, you’ll need to show the puppy to your other dog. Before you do this, you can put the puppy in a set place, like their box. Next, let your dog sniff around the house to find the new smell. It is okay to introduce a puppy to an older dog in this way.

Next, take them outside to a neutral area and let them sniff each other while on a leash. For a few minutes, let the dogs sniff around and get to know each other until the energy wears off. If everything goes well, take your puppy off the leash and let them play freely (while being closely watched).

But keep in mind that you should never leave your baby alone with an adult dog unless you have watched them for a while and are sure they can live together safely.

Be Patient During Training

Training a dog takes a lot of care, whether you are raising a puppy or teaching an old dog new exercises. The most important things to do first are to learn the basics, like “no” and how to use the potty or crate, before going on to more difficult lessons like tricks. 

By using them correctly, dog treats can be both a tasty prize and a way to train your dog. When training a new baby, treats can be very helpful but don’t use them too much. 

Do not overdo your training. Having a new puppy can be stressful, so give yourself breaks and try your best to be patient. It will help you trust each other and improve your relationship. When something becomes stressful, stop doing it and come back to it later.

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